One License — Infinite Applications

Easy to understand pricing — development licenses only.

No deployment or application license needed.

Buy once, use everywhere

Your license is valid for all the apps your company is developing

No hidden costs

A single license is all that's required. There's no deployment or distribution license for your apps. It's that simple!

Per developer pricing

Use the calculator on the right to see the price for your whole team. Buy one license seat for each front-end developer working on your app in a given year.

$ 395

per developer / year

Volume Discounts

# Licenses$Discount
1+ developer$ 395 -
3+ developers$ 3755%
5+ developers$ 35510%
10+ developers$ 33515%
Team Size
Total: $ 395

$ 395 per developer / year

We are close to the official launch of Infinite Table and will start accepting payments. In the meantime we are happy to reward our first users with a
free 3 month license

How it works

Getting the License Key

Once you buy a license for your team, you'll receive the license key via email. Note it will be only one license key for your whole team (the license key will contain the developer count you provide). The license key includes information like the license owner, the license start and end dates and also the developer count.

Application deployment

Deploy your application with the license key you have been provided. The license key will be valid for all the apps your team is developing.

Access to versions

Each version of Infinite Table has a release timestamp. When you purchase a license, it gives you unlimited access to all Infinite Table versions published within a 1 year window from the date of purchase. If you don't renew your license, you will still be able to use the versions published within this timeframe without any warnings.

Free with license footer

If you don't have a license key, you can still use Infinite Table, but it displays a license footer with a link back to our website. Buying a license removes the footer and gives you access to premium support.

Premium Support

If you have a license key, you can access premium support, either by email or by raising a Zendesk ticket.

Supporting the developer community

Infinite Table has been built on open-source software and we are keen to give back by providing free licenses to qualifying open-source projects. Please contact us for details.