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API Reference

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What is Infinite?

Infinite Table is a React component for displaying virtualized tabular data. It helps you display huge datasets and get the most out of them by providing you the right tools to do so:

We strive for almost zero dependencies, thus keeping the bundle size small and your application secure.

npm i @infinite-table/infinite-react


npm i @infinite-table/infinite-react

❀️ TypeScript

It’s fully typed and offers you great developer experience to help you get up and running quickly

The TypeScript typings file is included in the npm package - you don’t have to download an additional @types package.

🎨 Themable

Infinite Table is fully customizable, via CSS variables. It ships with both a light and a dark theme - you have to import the CSS file from the package.

import "@infinite-table/infinite-react/index.css"

This file includes both the light and the dark themes.

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Read how to use thems and CSS variables to customize every aspect of Infinite Table.

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