Reference Overview

The Reference pages contain API documentation on every prop exposed in the InfiniteTable component and the related DataSource component.

Infinite Table Props

Go through the extensive list of props available on the InfiniteTable component.

DataSource Props

See the full list of props available on the DataSource component.

API objects

In addition, both those components expose an API object that can be used to imperatively interact with them. This is useful for very advanced use cases - as most of the time interacting with the component via its props declaratively will be enough.

Infinite Table API

Explore the InfiniteTable API which allows advanced interactions with the component, like scrolling to a specific cell, selecting rows and more.

DataSource API

Jump into the DataSource API, which allows advanced interactions with the data source, like editing & inserting data, fetching data, refreshing and more.

Infinite Table Selection API

Read more about the Selection API and how you can use it to change row and group selection.

Infinite Table Column API

Find out more about the Column API and how you can use it to change column state.


Infinite Table exposes a few custom hooks that can be used to customize the component and its behavior. Most of the hooks will be useful when you want to implement custom components for InfiniteTable - like custom cells, headers, cell editors, etc.

Infinite Table Hooks

Custom hooks allow you to use the InfiniteTable at full potential and customize it to your needs.

Type Definitions

Infinite Table exports quite a lot of TS type definitions. See the dedicated page for guides and explanations to help you use them effectively.

Type Definitions

We export our type definitions in case you ever need them. In many cases, you won't need to import them explicitly, but you might find them useful in more advaced scenarios.