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Infinite Table is the
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DataGrid for building React apps — faster

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npm i @infinite-table/infinite-react
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You can start using Infinite Table right away for free - the free version displays a license footer with a link back to our website. Buying a license removes the footer and gives you access to premium support.

A DataGrid is only as good as its documentation.

All our examples are interactive and they cover all the existing functionalities.

Built for
from the ground-up

Declarative, typed, DataGrid built for React

Fully declarative

Infinite Table is built with React in mind so it's fully declarative - everything can be controlled via the available props

Fully typed

Written in TypeScript, it helps keep your codebase clean and avoid bugs while keeping you productive.

Fully tested and trusted

Our automated integration tests run against real browsers and ensure our releases can be trusted. This helps us keep the quality high and the bugs low.

Fully themable and customizable

Infinite Table is built with customization in mind. You can customize everything from the look and feel to the behavior. Theming uses CSS variables so you can have a custom theme in under 10 lines of CSS.

Fully controlled

Integrates seamlessly in any React application. All the props have both controlled and uncontrolled versions, so you get to choose whatever fits your use-case.

Fully documented

All the available props are documented and all the examples are interactive. In addition, we have dedicated documentation pages for each major functionality to help you get started.

Fully featured

Infinite Table comes packed with enterprise-grade, rich, features, such as grouping, aggregations, pivoting, filtering, lazy loading, sorting and a lot more...

Fully virtualized

Virtualization is used extensively, for both rows and columns, to achieve maximum performance while handling huge data-sets with ease.

Infinite Table Editions

Enterprise Edition

When you buy a license, you get dedicated commercial support and all the enterprise features mentioned above.

Contains everything that you expect from a modern DataGrid, and all built-in, so you can start using it right-away in your application.

Community Edition

Contains all the functionality in the Enterprise version, but displays a license footer with a "Powered by Infinite Table" link.

You can use this version for free in any app, so long as the license footer is visible and contains the link back to our website.
npm i @infinite-table/infinite-react
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