Infinite Table Type Definitions

These are the public type definitions for InfiniteTable and related components, that you can import with named imports from the @infinite-table/infinite-react package.

Importing the type for rowInfo

import type { InfiniteTableRowInfo } from '@infinite-table/infinite-react'

Naming convention ⚠️

The types of all properties in the InfiniteTable and DataSource components respect the following naming convention: <ComponentName>Prop<PropName>

So, for example, the type for groupBy is DataSourcePropGroupBy

DataSourceSingleSortInfo <T>

Represents information on a specific sort. Contains info about the field to sort by, the sort direction, and the sort type.

DataSourcePropSortInfo <T>

The type of the sortInfo DataSource prop.

DataSourcePropGroupBy <T>

The type of the groupBy prop. Basically this type is an array of DataSourceGroupBy.

InfiniteTableComputedColumn <T>

This represents an enhanced column definition for a column. A computed column is basically a column with more information computed at runtime, based on everything Infinite Table can aggregate about it.

InfiniteTableColumnCellContextType <T>

The type for the parameter of columns.renderValue (and related rendering functions) and also for the object you get back when you call useInfiniteColumnCell

InfiniteColumnEditorContextType <T>

The type for the object you get back when you call useInfiniteColumnEditor

DataSourceGroupBy <T>

The type for the objects in the groupBy array. See related DataSourcePropGroupBy

InfiniteTableRowInfo <T>

Type for rowInfo object representing rows in the table. See Using RowInfo for more details.