Sparklines Example

This example shows how to use integrate a sparkline component in a DataGrid column.

For this demo, we're using the react-sparklines library.

The most important part is the columns.renderValue property, which allows you to render a custom React component for the cell value.

Using column.renderValue to render a sparkline
const columns = {
  // ... other columns
  id: {
    field: 'id',
    defaultWidth: 100,
  bugFixes: {
    field: 'bugFixes',
    header: 'Bug Fixes',
    defaultWidth: 300,
    renderValue: ({ value, data }) => {
      const color =
        data?.department === 'IT' || data?.department === 'Management'
          ? 'tomato'
          : '#253e56';
      return (
            width: '100%',
          <SparklinesLine color={color} />
Using a sparkline component

This demo renders a sparkline and changes the color of the sparkline based on the department field in the row (red for IT or Management, blue for everything else).

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