Master Detail - Caching Detail DataGrid

By far the most common scenario will be to render another DataGrid in the detail row.

For such cases we offer a caching mechanism that will keep the state of the detail DataGrid when the user collapses and then expands the row again.


The most important part of the state of detail DataGrid that will be cached is the data-related.

More specifically, when cached, the detail <DataSource /> will get its data from the cache and will not call the data function when mounted.

Other persisted parts of the state are the sorting, filtering and grouping information.

To enable caching, use the rowDetailCache prop.

It can be one of the following:

  • false - caching is disabled - this is the default
  • true - enables caching for all detail DataGrids
  • number - the maximum number of detail DataGrids to keep in the cache. When the limit is reached, the oldest detail DataGrid will be removed from the cache.
Master detail DataGrid with caching for 5 detail DataGrids

This example will cache the last 5 detail DataGrids - meaning they won't reload when you expand them again. You can try collapsing a row and then expanding it again to see the caching in action - it won't reload the data. But when you open up a row that hasn't been opened before, it will load the data from the remote location.

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