Inline Editing Flow

Editing is described in great detail in the Inline Editing page - so make sure you read that first.

This page is just a chart that describes the editing flow with the most important steps:

  • starting the edit - via the API or by user interaction (which triggers the API call)
  • checking if the cell is editable - async checks are also supported
  • retrieving the value to edit
  • stopping the edit - via API or by user interaction
    • an edit can be cancelled - value discarded
    • an edit can be rejected - value rejected with error
    • an edit can be accepted - value accepted and passed to the persit layer
  • persisting the edit
    • defaulting to updating data to the data source
    • a custom persist function can be provided via persistEdit
  • notifying the user of the result of the edit
    • onEditCancelled
    • onEditRejected
    • onEditAccepted - after accepting the edit, either the persist success or error is called
      • onEditPersistSuccess
      • onEditPersistError